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Who is this invitation for?

If you can genuinely answer yes to all of these points then you are ready, and this invitation is for you. I’ll see you inside. Not sure? Take the Visitation Dream quiz to find out.


Grievers with an urgency

You miss your loved one like crazy and you have a burning desire and an urgency to reconnect with them. You might believe in an afterlife or you might not, but this is not stopping you because you are curious and open to exploring, as well as have a willingness to investigate to see what is possible.


The Enthusiastic Beginner

You are a complete beginner when it comes to dreaming, but you are fully invested and are ready to dedicate approximately one hour a day for 11 days to learn the skills necessary to get you a dream date with your loved one. You realize that meeting your loved one will not only help you continue your relationship with them but also give you more space to process your grief and can radically change the trajectory of your life.


Stabe Emotional State

You might still be ping-ponging between grief emotions and stability, but the wild emotions of grief are settling. You have many more good days than bad days, and you are slowly returning to your organized, self-motivated self, although the deep ache is still there. You might be sleeping better, eating better, and can go about the tasks of your daily life, but you don’t necessarily feel a sense of joy or purpose and still find yourself yearning for your loved one or feeling stuck in your life.


Open Minded Seeker

You are open to the process, but you are not looking for magic bullets or guarantees. No matter how badly you want a dream visit, you understand that it can’t be forced. No ‘teacher’ or system can guarantee a dream visit because ultimately, it depends on your loved one and their timing. What you do understand is that you can learn how to create an environment fertile for a dream visit that will stack the odds of success in your favor.

Who this invitation is not for?

If any of these points apply to you, then the 11-Day invitation is probably not for you at this time.

Lukewarm Desire + Rigid Skeptism

If you only have a passing curiosity and lukewarm desire to reconnect with your person and/or if you are skeptical and are not willing to question your skepticism by putting it aside for 11 days so that you can explore and investigate the possibilities, then this invitation is not for you. Your time and money will probably be better spent exploring other activities.


The Hobbyist

Even if you have a burning desire to reconnect with your person, this invitation is not designed for people who want to treat it like a hobby, or currently have a busy schedule that prevents them from being active participants during the 11 days.


If you feel that this is going to be something to do casually and you are not willing or able to invest the time and effort (~60 to 90 minutes a day for 11 days) to learn the skills needed for a dream visit, then this isn’t for you.

If you eventually decide that you are ready and have the time to fully commit, I would love to have you back. Until then, feel free to follow me on Instagram and/or subscribe to the grief dance newsletter and use some of the tips there to experiment casually with dreaming.


Acute Grief

If you are in the early days of loss where you are either numb from shock or you are experiencing the acute symptoms of grief like irregular sleep, appetite issues, brain fog, anxiety and panic attacks, bouts of uncontrollable crying, and any other constellation of intense emotions like anger, guilt, and regret, it is probably not the right time for you to accept this invitation.

First off, I am sorry that the sorrow found you: please know that things will not always be this chaotic and terrifying. My advice to you would be to work on stabilizing your nervous system through things like movement, meditation, music, and breathwork. You can schedule a free 15-minute discussion if you would like my support. Once the waves calm down, you can reach out to accept the invitation.


Magic Bullet Seekers

If you are looking for a magic bullet that will guarantee that you have a dream visit with your loved one, then you are looking in the wrong place. That is not how things work.  I cannot promise you that your loved one will visit you.


No one or “system” can because apart from the ingredients that are in your control (desire, skills, readiness), your loved one’s timing and readiness are out of your control.

It is like taking an MFA program and expecting to become a bestselling author. I will teach you the tools, techniques, and rituals that I have used to induce 100+ dream visits with my mother, but I obviously cannot guarantee a visit.

The one thing I can guarantee is that if you put in the work into the 11-day invitation, your life is going to change.


You will learn how to integrate your loved one into your life, process your grief in a life-affirming way, and create enough room to grow and launch into a new phase of your life that is full of purpose and your contribution to the world.

Unsure if Dream Reunions is a good fit ?

Book a Free 1:1 Discovery call with me.

I get it. You might be feeling skeptical that a  visitation dream is possible for you. If that's the case, feel free to book a chill, no-pressure 10-minute call with me. I'll be happy to honestly answer any questions you might have about the invitation, and about whether it's right for you or not.

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