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The 11-Day Invitation

What's Included

We’ll be taking a deep dive into principles, strategies, and tools from the Continuing Bonds grief modelWestern sleep and dream science, Jungian dreamwork, Eastern dream yoga, and mourning rituals from my African heritage giving you practical and timeless insights you can use immediately to evolve your relationship with your person.


If you have any questions about any of it, feel free to send an email, or book a free 10-minute discovery call.


To enrich and supplement your journey

In addition to the core invitation content, I have also added some additional materials that will support and enrich your journey.

Bonus Resouces

Signing up for this invitation also gives you access to a few bonus resources:

Bonus Invitations

Over time, I’ll be adding new and updated content to the invitation including exclusive interviews with other dream and grief experts and bonus lessons that will help you to improve your dream reunion skills.


Learn how to have a dream reunion with fellow grievers in our Facebook Dream Reunion group. Share your heartbreak, breakthroughs, your insights, and support each other in deepening into the principles and teachings. Through this collective engagement, you will experience the power that comes through doing deeply transformative work with a community.


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