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Use the Healing Power of Dreams to Grieve in a New Way

Over here, dead is not really dead.

Use the healing power of dreams to create a new type of relationship with your dead loved one and rewrite your grief story

Hello there, 
fellow griever

Since you lost your loved one, the pain is unbearable and unapproachable. You miss them like crazy and it feels impossible to move on...


but what if you don't have to move on?

Dream Reunions is an invitation to use the healing power of dreams to evolve and continue your relationship with your deceased loved one, learn how to grieve in a new way, and launch into a new and more expansive phase of your life that is full of purpose, creativity, and your unique contribution to the world.

Please note that I support all types of grief, not only from the death of a loved one.


My name is Ning

I am no grief expert; I am just an apprentice to grief. I am a fellow griever who lost her mother and has experienced the gut-wrenching depths of sorrow, the relentless heart shattering and found a way through with the help of visitation dreams.

Since 2013, I have spent thousands of hours exploring the realms of dreams through Western sleep and dream science, Jungian dream work, Eastern dream yoga, and other techniques from my African heritage. This ultimately allowed me to reconnect with my mother in a profound dream 2 weeks after she died in 2018.

​In the ~5 years since then, I have had 100+ dream dates with her where I received many warm hugs and guidance from her and inside the Dream Reunions 28-Day invitation, I show you everything I have learned that has allowed me to continue my relationship with my mother.

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How I can help you

Podium with Hearts and Balls

I want to reunite with my loved one

I want to create an ongoing relationship with my loved one


I want to create an ongoing relationship with my loved one and feel a renewed sense of vitality and reconnection to my life

Cosmetic Smear
Marble Surface

I want to learn how to grieve in a new way using my dreams

I'll See you in my Sleep

If you miss your person like crazy and yearn to hug them and reunite with them in a visitation dream, watch this free 90-minute mini-course in which I provide you with the 5-Step Roadmap I use to schedule dream visits my mother.


If you to reunite with your person and nurture a new type of relationship with them guided by an 11-Day step-by-step roadmap, learn more in the link below. 

1:1 Dream Reunions
Mentoring Journey

If you are ready to reunite with your person, evolve and continue your relationship beyond the physical, and feel empowered and nourished on your grief journey even as you heal generational trauma, apply for the 1:1 mentorship using the link below.

1:1 Dream Sitting Sessions

If you are ready to learn the language of dreams and begin communicating with the inner intelligence that governs your life, then book a dream sitting session.


Dreamwork is a potent way to work with grief because through dreams, you can process your grief in a safer way and offers you  a rare opportunity to work directly with the complexes and archetypes in the personal unconscious and receive guidance and support from transpersonal energies and inner archetypes.


What people are saying...

Ashlie H.

"I signed up for the 1:1 Dream Reunions mentoring journey because I lost my teenage daughter, my only child, 17 months ago. Before signing up for the invitation, I had never had a visitation dream before, and I was looking to learn how to connect with my daughter in my dreams.


I fully participated and completed all of the practices, and my expectations were exceeded!

I had 2 visitation dreams with my daughter; the first one on Day 6 and the second one on Day 8, and those dreams left me feeling renewed, rejuvenated, and more connected to her!


What was surprising was that I didn’t expect the soul attunement rituals to help as much as they did. I enjoyed them so much that I have continued them!


I feel like I am starting to remember my dreams more and I think my biggest insight was that the dream space offers a sacred space for the medicine of connection and love that me and my daughter have always had!

The visitation dreams have helped soften my grief and I would absolutely recommend this 11-Day Journey with Ning to other grievers so that they can discover their person is still there loving and supporting them!"

“Our dreams help heal our grief. Even the painful ones teach us where we are at the moment. They help us to accept our loss. They light our path toward a new life. By integrating them we can become whole. Gradually our dreams return to more or less normal, with occasional flashes of inspiring or comforting contact with the deceased person. “


– Patricia Garfield

Are you ready for a visitation dream

Take the 5-minute quiz to find out if you have the 4 key ingredients needed to reunite with your loved one in a dream

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