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The 28-Day Dream Reunions Invitation

Discover how to schedule dream visits with your deceased loved one,  and paint a new picture of life after loss

(whether you believe in an afterlife or not)

Hello there, 
fellow griever

Since you lost your loved one, the pain is unbearable and unapproachable. You miss them like crazy and it feels impossible to move on...


but what if you don't have to move on?

Dream Reunions is a 28-day invitation to use the healing power of dreams to evolve and continue your relationship with your deceased loved one, learn how to grieve in a new way, and launch into a new and more expansive phase of your life that is full of purpose, creativity, and your unique contribution to the world.

Short on time? Click below for a quick 1-minute summary.

What is Dream Reunions?

Dream Reunions is an invitation to experience the light side of grief that no one talks about.

  • The possibility that death ends a life, but not a relationship. 

  • The possibility that you can continue and evolve your relationship with your dead loved one through dreams

  • The possibility that you can grow into a more expansive version of yourself that can contain this new story, activate latent talents and harvest the wisdom and vitality inherent in your grief.


Dream Reunions is a practical application of the Continuing Bonds Grief Model which focuses on creating and nurturing a new relationship with your deceased loved one and continuing your bond instead of trying to follow a linear process that ends with you detaching, letting go or creating a new life that excludes them.

In essence,  Dream Reunions is a creative bridge to your future, while keeping the connection with your dead loved one alive.


You might not believe in an afterlife and that is fine. 

Dream Reunions is beyond religion, spiritual traditions, or belief systems.


It is an invitation to investigate, to inquire, to become soft, flexible, and open - and from this place, see what is possible...

The Challenges Inherent in Grief

One of the hardest things in grief is the finality of death: one minute a person is here, and the next minute they are gone. Just like that. Death evokes a profound sense of powerlessness and helplessness because there is nothing you can do to bring them back. This leaves you feeling empty, terrified, and insecure because you don’t know if you will be able to move on. 

Very often, your grief compounds:

  • You feel stuck and don’t know how to move on or exist in a world without your person.

  • You miss your person like crazy and long to feel the warmth of their hug one more time.

  • Perhaps you are tormented by guilt and regret because you didn’t call more often, missed an opportunity to connect, or spoke harsh words you can never take back.

  • On the other hand, maybe there were words left unsaid: I’m sorry, I love you, I miss you, thank you…


And despite your best efforts to face up to all these challenges (and a lot more), life feels devoid of color, taste, and smells. The grief is eating you from the inside, and it is as though you are shuffling through your life enveloped in a grey fog of meaningless.

Grief is hard.

But it is not insurmountable, although it often feels this way. A dream visit with your person can release frozen energy and give you the courage you need to work through your grief and reconcile any feelings of depression and apathy.

It can be genuinely life-changing.


My name is Ning

I am no grief expert; I am just an apprentice to grief. I am a fellow griever who lost her mother and has experienced the gut-wrenching depths of sorrow, the relentless heart shattering and found a way through with the help of visitation dreams.

Since 2013, I have spent thousands of hours exploring the realms of dreams through Western sleep and dream science, Jungian dream work, Eastern dream yoga, and other techniques from my African heritage. This ultimately allowed me to reconnect with my mother in a profound dream 2 weeks after she died in 2018.

​In the ~5 years since then, I have had 100+ dream dates with her where I received many warm hugs and guidance from her and inside the Dream Reunions 28-Day invitation, I show you everything I have learned that has allowed me to continue my relationship with my mother.

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Interesting Fact

Did you know that we spend a third of our lives sleeping

and that if you lived to 60 years old, you would have spent 20 years sleeping and 4 years dreaming?


Imagine evolving your relationship with your deceased loved one so that you can continue your relationship with them.

"The dream is a little hidden door in the innermost and most secret recesses of the soul… "— CARL JUNG


Why Have a Dream Reunion?

Dream Reunions shines the torch of awareness on a part of grief that is never fully explored or spoken about. A visitation dream from your deceased loved one can serve as an anchor, inspire hope, give context to a bleak period in your life when everything is shrouded in darkness, and grant you the courage needed to fully inhabit your grief and rewrite your story after loss.


Even one visitation dream is enough to radically transform the trajectory of your life because it opens you up to existential questions like what the nature of reality is, the meaning of life, and purpose.


This may sound too simple or out there. But just take a minute to imagine the possibilities of…


Imagine waking up after a dream visit with your person… trembling with amazement and filled with joy at the hyperreality of the warmth of their hug as they held you in their arms knowing that you had just had a profound experience that would stay with you for years if not the rest of your life.


Imagine tapping into deep reservoirs of strength and resilience, that creates space around your sorrow and provides you with the courage and context to take up the excruciating process of digesting and integrating the unresolved patterns of grief.


Imagine telling them all the things you didn’t have a chance to tell them before they died. Like how much you loved them and ask for forgiveness or hearing them tell you they are not upset with you, that is ok, alleviating any guilt or regrets you might have had.


Imagine waking up from a dream visit with a natural joyful high that spills over into your waking life and provides you with nourishment, consolation, inspiration, and peace that softens the anguish of grief and the process of rebuilding your life.

Continued Relationship

Imagine them showing up during major life milestones like a new job, new relationship, or the birth of a child to offer  you guidance, advice, insights, warnings, or general support assuring you that they will always be a part of your life


Imagine that through this process of tending your grief, you experience post-traumatic growth (PTG): you awaken to your creative potential, discover latent genius and unleash potentials/passions and talents that have not been previously accessed launching you into a new phase of your life that is full of purpose and your unique contribution to the world.

Basically, Dream Reunions is a creative bridge to your future, while keeping the connection with your dead loved one alive. It offers deep healing and restoration by creating a bridge between your past and future, and the sooner you recognize it, the easier it becomes to soften into your grief, reconstruct a new identity and evolve your relationship with your loved one.

In my attempts to make sense of an unfathomable situation after the death of my mother, I stumbled upon this connection. But there is no reason you have to continue to struggle through grief like many people do with no context.


This is why I created this 28-day Dream Reunion Invitation

The Simple "Secret" Framework to have a Dream Visit

Over the last 10 years, I have learned what it takes to lucidly traverse the dream realms and in the last 5, I have learned how to use this skill to reconnect with my mother after her death in 2018 and continue our relationship.

I have spent thousands of hours, and over $100,000 in courses and training programs to understand consciousness and what happens after death, and while I’ve learned a lot of things, the biggest thing I’ve learned is this -


There is no secret to having a dream visit with a loved one.


People have spontaneous visitation dreams all the time – you might have even had one, but there is a formula that will help you induce them at will so that you don’t have to wait but can reach out to your loved one when you have something to tell them, the way you used to call them on their cell phone or go visit them.

It’s just a matter of:

  1. Mindset: Being open-minded with an expansive/curious mindset

  2. Emotional State: Being in a stable emotional state that allows for restorative sleep.

  3. Longing: Having a strong desire and urgency to reconnect with them

  4. Dream Aptitude: Have the dreaming skills to get you there.

That’s all it takes. 

Your loved one will always be a part of you and with the M.E.L.D framework, you can begin to experience this as a reality.

I cannot promise you a dream visit but by the end of this invitation...

You’ll rekindle the embers of hope that you don’t have to move on by discovering dream reunion rituals (like P.S I love you) that allow you to keep the lines of communication open and ease the burden of grief.

You’ll understand the various types of grief dreams grievers have and discover how to remember your dreams using effortless dream recall techniques.

You’ll learn how to process and digest the unbearable pain and overwhelming emotions of grief in a safe and less painful way using release dreams.

 You’ll have a set of evening rituals and morning rituals that create an inner and outer environment fertile to promote restorative sleep, visitation dreams, and an emerging hope in your future possibilities.

You’ll learn how to schedule dream visits with your person by scripting and incubating dreams that remove randomness and invites consistent connections.

You’ll understand how to restore and amplify the bond you shared with your loved one by creating threads of connection (Dream Reunions technique), so that you can build a bridge to a new type of relationship that spans the rest of your life.

You’ll experience the power of community and the value of embarking on this dream reunion journey with a small group of people who share your pain, intention, and hope.

And eventually, you will have a rich and evolving relationship with your loved one where you can schedule dream visits when you miss them extra and just want a hug and small talk, or want to share an important milestone you just experienced. That’s the dream, right?

What's Included?

The 28-Day Dream Reunion Invitation is an immersive cohort-based journey with 6+ hours of content across 28+ lessons, where you’ll learn everything there is to know about how to induce a dream visit from your deceased loved one.


Dream Reunions is more than a  course or training program. It is a community: a safe space for grieving people to authentically connect, acknowledge and validate each other's grief, and support each other as they learn how to reconnect with their loved ones through dreams.

Note: It is not Facebook. There are no ads, no algorithms, and no social media hangover.

Take a sneak peek at the community.

Podium with Hearts and Balls

Week 1 : Prepare

Learn about the foundations of dreaming, types of grief dreams, and the key ingredients needed to have a dream reunion.


Week 2 : Reconnect

Learn how to meet your loved one in a new way by embarking on a fun and playful “Essence Scavenger Hunt” to find all the threads that keep you connected to your loved one.


Week 3 : Reunite

Learn how to use ancient dream techniques like dream incubation to schedule and shape the details of dream dates with your loved one.

Cosmetic Smear

Week 4 : Rewrite

Discover how to integrate dream visits into your life as a way to evolve and continue your relationship with your person and rewrite your grief story.

Learn More

What people say about visitation dreams...

Carl Jung

“Six weeks after his death, my father appeared to me in a dream. Suddenly he stood before me and said that he was coming back from his holiday. He had made a good recovery and was now coming home. I thought he would be annoyed with me for having moved into his room. But not a bit of it!...It was an unforgettable experience, and it forced me for the first time to think about life after death.”

Explore The Pricing Options

  • 750$
    One time payment ( Best Value )
    Valid for one month
    • 5 60-minute spiritual healing / grief sessions
    • 11- Day Invitation Email Course
    • Visualization Meditations
    • Reflect & Root Report ( 20 -40 page PDF)
    • Threads of Connection Swipe file (Remembrance rituals)
    • Grief Dances Newsletter
100% Money Back Guanrantee

To eliminate risk, if for any reason you find out that this 28-day Dream Reunion invitation is not for you, just send me an email (or just hit reply on any email I send you) asking for a refund within 21 days of the start date and I will refund all your money.


No questions asked. No hard feelings. I personally guarantee that too 😊

Who this is for

So who is this invitation for?

This invitation is for grievers who are ready to explore the possibility of connecting with their loved one through dreams, redefine their relationship and rewrite their grief story in a supportive environment of people who understand their pain.


There are only 16 spots available.

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Have Questions?

If your question isn’t covered here, you can drop me a line at  I’d love to hear from you.

  • I am an atheist, and I don’t believe in the afterlife, or stuff like this. Is this invitation for me?
    All are welcome who feel called: Whether you are atheist, agnostic, Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Muslim or from any other belief system or non-religious. A dream visit from your dead loved one is not dependent on belief in an afterlife. Although I integrate practices and wisdom from the East and spirituality, there are no religious undertones in this invitation, and many practices are deeply rooted in science, verifiable facts and ancient practices. Naturally, no one can prove that there is an afterlife. However, there is enough evidence through research and anecdotes to support the belief that our deceased loved ones can communicate with us through our dreams. Based on research, majority of the visitation dreams people experienced all had similar qualities in the sense that they were healing, transformative and helped bring peace and solace to the grieving dreamer irrespective of their belief in an afterlife or not. The good thing about these visitation dreams is that even if you don’t believe in them, no one will have to convince you once you have one. Here are anecdotes from The Dream Detective podcast Episode 9 on after-death visitation dreams as well as the words of McNara, a bonafide atheist, who had a visitation dream with each of his parents 6 months after they passed. You can also investigate Jennifer Shorter’s doctoral project “Visitation Dreams in Grieving Individuals”, and grief researcher, Joshua Black, Ph.D. who is one of the world’s leading academic experts in the field of grief dreams. The bottom line is that I am not asking you to believe me. I am inviting you to be skeptical of your skepticism and approach this as a scientific research project. There is no conflict with your religious beliefs or lack of.
  • I don't dream. Is this invitation for me?
    Actually, you do! Everyone dreams and there is a branch of science dedicated to this study called “Oneirology” and according to them, during a typical lifetime, a person spends an average of 6 years dreaming. You are probably just not remembering your dreams. In this invitation, I will show you strategies to improve your dream recall. It is a learnable skill. I promise.​
  • What sort of griever is this invitation suitable for?
    This invitation is suitable for any one who has a deep desire to reconnect with their deceased loved one, is in a balanced emotional state and is willing to invest the time needed to learn the skills to have a dream visit. If you put in the effort, this invitation will take you through the entire spectrum of dream reunions – from barely recalling a dream to being able schedule consistent dream dates with your loved one as well as process your grief in a way that is life-affirming. And you’ll undergo a massive transformation in the process. Learn more.
  • What is the time commitment?
    The invitation will take place over 11 days. During this time, you'll have a combination of daily email content, and 1-1 online mentoring sessions. Here is the break down. 1) Daily email content ~ 10-15 minutes 2) Daily practices ~45 minutes a day (includes morning and night rituals) 3) 1-1 sessions – 3 (45-minute sessions) 4) Dream circles – 1 hour /week This comes to anywhere ~60 minutes a day or ~15 hours over the course of 30 days (you can spread out the scheduling of your 3 sessions). Please only apply for this invitation if you know that you are in a place in your life where you can invest the time required to ensure that you get the best out of this experience.
  • What if I don’t have a dream visit at the end of the 11 days?
    There are 4 main ingredients to having a dream visit – three of which are within your control (Desire to have one, skillset, and your emotional state) and the last one is your loved one’s timing which is out of your control. No teacher or system can guarantee you a dream visit with your loved, and anyone who claims otherwise is lying to you and simply looking to trick you into parting with your hard-earned cash. Your loved one is the wildcard in this equation. You are inviting them to visit you in a dream, and even if all the other ingredients are in place, it might still not happen right away. Your loved one has agency and even though they want to visit you, they might not be in the right space to do it yet. This is where there is a gray area and I cannot offer you any guarantees that they will visit. If they are not visiting you now, please try to accept that there is a reason for it – and know that it can still happen in the future. From my experience, it is easier to connect with them in the very early days (first 30 days or so after they die) and then anywhere from a year later. During the 11days, I will teach you everything I know and have used to consistently have 100+ dream visits from my mother in the 5+years since she died. It will be up to you to the invest the time to learn the skills and practise them. If at the end of the 11 days, if you don’t have a dream visit, I will continue to support you on this journey for at least 30 days, at the end of which I will provide you with a roadmap to help you move forward.
  • I am ready to apply for the invitation, what happens next?
    I am so glad to hear! Here is what the process looks like: The process I take this 11-day Dream Reunion invitation very seriously and so my goal is to create a close-knit community of people who are ready to reconnect with their loved one and rewrite their grief story. To do this, I will be accepting a maximum of 5 people for this 1-1 invitation and ask every person who accepts this invitation to complete the visitation dream quiz after sign up. Step 1: Sign Up for the Invitation By signing up for the invitation, you’ll reserve your spot in the 11-day invitation. Step 2: Complete the Visitation Dream Scorecard Once you sign up, you’ll get an email inviting you to complete the visitation dreams scorecard. (Complete it only if you haven't already completed it in the course of browsing this website). The visitation dreams scorecard takes about 3-5 minutes to complete. It is a chance to share where you are in your grief journey, why you are you want to accept the invitation at this time and if you are ready to embark on this journey. I am looking for people who have the strong desire to reconnect with their person and are willing to invest the time and resources needed to get a dream visit. Step 3: Review & Onboarding I will review every scorecard carefully to make sure there’s a good fit on both sides and send a response in 24 hours. If I think, we are not a good fit, I will still send out an email to schedule a call so that we can talk through your specific scenario and I cannot provide you with support in moving forward. If I think we are good fit, I will send you an email to schedule an onboarding call with me in which I will go over what to expect over the next 11 days of the invitation as well as onboarding tasks you will need to complete before we start. You will also get to choose your start date for the 11 day invitation.
  • Why is there an application?
    Signing up for the 11-Day Dream Reunions Invitation represents a big commitment and investment to yourself, your loved one and your life and I acknowledge that it is not for everyone and it might not be for you. I take this commitment seriously and I have poured out my heart and soul into creating this 1-1 mentorship container and I want to ensure that it is a mutual fit. I am offering many hours of myself over the 11 days, and I only want to work with people who will value the experience and put in the requisite time and effort needed to manifest a dream visit, and learn how to process their grief through dreams. This invitation is focused on being extremely valuable to the people who have a deep urgency and fire in their belly to reconnect with their deceased loved ones and and nurture a new type of relationship using the healing power of dreams. If you feel called to participate, once you reserve your spot, you will complete the visitation dream quiz which I will review to ensure that this invitation is the right one for you and that your timing is also right. Though I look at your application based on three main components ( urgency, mindset, and emotional state), this invitation is less of a fit if you are still very early in your grief journey ( 0 - 1 year ) or your beliefs about what happens after death are fixed, with no wiggle room to explore and investigate new information. If I am not sure, after reviewing your answers, I will request a quick 10 minute call with you. By doing this, we both have an opportunity to have a conversation about this fit check, and you’ll have a chance to ask any questions about your particular situation directly. An application helps me make sure there is a good match on both sides and that I can help you have a visitation dream at this point in time on your grief journey.
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