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Dream Reunions
The 11-Day Invitation

In this FREE 11-Day Invitation, you will learn how to schedule dream visits with your dead loved one and paint a new picture of life after loss

(whether you believe in an afterlife or not)

I only have 5 spots available

This is an invitation to use the healing power of dreams to reconnect with your dead loved one, learn how to grieve less painfully, and experience the light side of grief all with a community of fellow grievers who are walking the same path as you.


This invitation integrates 10 years of dream, consciousness, and grief research into an immersive journey that teaches you the skills you need to have a dream visit with your loved one, not as a way to negate the deep pain you are feeling from their physical absence, but as a way to balance out the finality of death with an opportunity to reconnect that will provide nourishment and inspiration for your grieving process.

I cannot promise you a dream visit but by the end of this invitation...

You’ll rekindle the embers of hope that you don’t have to move on by discovering dream reunion rituals (like P.S. I love you) that allow you to keep the lines of communication open and ease the burden of grief.

You’ll discover how to remember your dreams using effortless dream-recall techniques

You’ll have a set of evening rituals and morning rituals that create an inner and outer environment fertile to promote restorative sleep, visitation dreams, and an emerging hope in your future possibilities...

You’ll learn how to schedule dream visits with your person by scripting and incubating dreams that remove randomness and invite consistent connections.

You’ll understand how to restore and amplify the bond you shared with your loved one by creating threads of connection (Dream Reunions technique), so that you can build a bridge to a new type of relationship that spans the rest of your life.

You’ll experience the power of community and the value of embarking on this dream reunion journey with a small group of people who share your pain, intention, and hope.


My name is Ning Tendo

I am a fellow griever who lost her mother and has experienced the gut-wrenching depths of sorrow, the relentless heart shattering and found a way through with the help of visitation dreams.

Since 2013, I have spent thousands of hours exploring the realms of dreams through Western sleep and dream science, Jungian dream work, Eastern dream yoga, and other techniques from my African heritage. This ultimately allowed me to reconnect with my mother in a profound dream 2 weeks after she died in 2018.

​In the ~5 years since then, I have had 200+ dream dates with her where I received many warm hugs and guidance from her. Inside the Dream Reunions 14-Day Invitation, I show you everything I have learned that has allowed me to continue my relationship with my mother.

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